"Truth and lies, life and death:
a game of turning white to black
and black to white."
--Claudia Wolf

Being without Internet for 6 months is like being excommunicated from the world. I am back. Love me. Yay. 






Frozach Submitted

Jesus Christ. I hope these are legit because some of these are raising FABULOUS questions.

you know, my mom told me that when i was little i used to tell her recurring tidbits of a linear series of events from “when i was older”

she mentioned me pointing an old man and getting really excited and saying “hey that man was my student when i used to teach piano!” in a situation, or saying “you know i like you more than my other mom, she was so mean” and my personal favourite is the one where i said “i used to have a gilrfriend once, you know, we were on my motorcyle and i lost control and fell off a cliff on the roadside, i really hope she’s okay”

Children are scary as fuck.
I need to stay away

Wasn’t there a post going around about how maybe the ‘Light at the end of the Tunnel’ that people go to when they die is the opening of the womb when we’re born? And we gradually forget our previous lives as we grow older? Because that post combined with this post scares the living crap outta me.

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